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Giving Back

There are many non-profits in Nepal, India, Tibet & the Himalayan regions where we live, travel & trek.
We connect friends and fellow trekkers to the appropriate non-profit organizations, arrange the logistics to sponsor a child for school and help with immediate medical aid for villagers in the remote regions we trek through ...

Our aim is to give grass-roots support to these Himalayan regions!

Namaste - Tashi Delek - Jullay!


Kamzang Kids + Medial Aid
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Sponsor a Child + Medical Aid

Inquire about which children most need help, what is needed, and what it will cost as there are many forms of sponsorship, and the costs vary from region to region. Help can take many forms, from full school sponsorship to helping with books and school uniforms, or helping with medical issues. You can even sponsor a Tibetan Buddhist monk, or their monastery. We help find funding or supplies for schools, and act as an intermediary for you to find ways to help.

Feel free to ask us any questions!
Kamzang Journeys | Kamzang Kids


Kamzang Fund Projects
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Financial Assistance for Health + Lifestyle

We look for (or they find us) find the medical cases that have 'fallen through the cracks', such as Susma who got cleft lip surgery in Kathmandu at age 7, and Tsering Kondo who had her hearing tested in Kathmandu and got a hearing aid. We meet many people on the trail in remote regions that desperately need help, so we do what we can to better their lives. We also initiate water, sanitation and solar projects that will hopefully improve the lives of remote villagers ...
Kamzang Journeys | Kamzang Projects



Kamzang Supports
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Looking to Donate or Volunteer?

We've compiled a list of some of our favorite local and international funds (NGOs & INGOs) that we either support directly or recommend to others. Some provide volunteer opportunities.

If you would rather make a general contribution to the Kamzang Fund instead of supporting or volunteering with one of the listed below, we will assure that your donations go to good causes.
Kamzang Journeys | Kamzang Supports



Kamzang Earthquake Aid
Make a Difference
Help Nepal Rebuild
Our efforts to help rebuild lives and homes after the tragic 2015 earthquakes ...
Kamzang Earthquake Aid

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