Trek for Nepal!

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 Nepal is still one of the WORLD'S TOP DESTINATIONS for trekking, mountaineering, cultural excursions, adventure sports & just relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty of this diverse Himalayan country!

Many regions of Nepal were untouched, totally unaffected, by the earthquakes, including some of the best trekking regions on the planet.
Nepal's #1 source of income is TOURISM.
Please help us promote Nepal by TREKKING IN NEPAL this Autumn!

Kamzang Relief Treks |
Trek for Nepal!

Sherpa Everest Base Camp Trek
Hillary & Norgay Trek (Jiri to Everest Base Camp)
Everest Gokyo Lakes Trek
Everest Sherpa Boutique Trek
Annapurna Peaks & Villages Trek

WE donate 5% to earthquake aid!
YOU raise money at home!

Kamzang Earthquake Aid
The Kamzang Fund is raising funds via Kamzang Earthquake Aid (link to the LIVE Facebook page) to help aid and rebuild Nepal after the devastating earthquakes of April 25 & May 12, 2015.
Kamzang Earthquake Aid
100% of your contributions go to Nepal!


Donate Clothes for Nepal!
We will accept all clothing donations for Nepal and will distribute to earthquake affected villages personally or via friends at Nyano Sansar.
1 - Collect good quality clothes from home & bring a full duffel bag
2 - Purchase fleeces, jackets & clothes from Kathmandu to support local economy
3 - BOTH!
Nyano Sansar


How to Donate
Please donate to Nepal!
We can achieve so much with your contributions.
You don't need to donate to us, there are so many other grass-roots organizations (as well as a few larger INGOs) that are doing amazing, inspiring and important things.
We will also contribute to some of these organizations once we have helped to rebuild in certain regions, and are looking for a school to help rebuild.

How to Donate to the Kamzang Earthquake Aid

1 - Send a check in $US:
Make out to Kim Bannister
Mail to Kim Bannister
PO Box 1178
Rockport, ME 04856

2 - Transfer via PayPal:
(Keep in mind we lose 3-4% of the funds via PayPal)
Transfer to
For $750 or $1000 donation (same as trek deposit) my page is already set up on PayPay

3 - Transfer to Kim's $US FIRST bank account:
Inquire for banking information

4 - Clear View Project Donations for Kamzang Earthquake Aid
Friends have a 501c 3 account set up which will accept donations for Kamzang Fund.
Email for details

Please contribute!
As always, 100% of your donations go where we feel they are most needed ...

Thanks for the Donations!
Maya & BJ's Fund
Andreas Herzberger
Lana Hinton & group
Kim Calise Veber
Vernon Gregoire
Bruce Bickel
Martin Stubbings
Annie Kaczmarski
Graeme Mitchell
David & Kathy Roberts
Paul Krinjen
Annette Ranelli Lommerin
Steve Morrison
Steve Cirian
Jeanie Barnett
Anna Herzog
Howard Lichter
Carla Piedrahita
Bob Culbert
Lorraine Horn
Mike Donovan
Paul Dunphey
Gina Trengrove
Els Vandercruys (coming)
Gail Wager
Susan Leibik
Nicky Clement
Celesta Fong
June Dickinson
Katie Adams
Marcy Berkman
Christine Mead
Gareth & Kristin Bannister
John Turek
Charlene Deck
Bilaal & Naziaah
Jeff Bickel
Andrew J. Boettger (coming)
Craig Hastings (coming)
Mark & Shannon Linford (coming)
Kezia Pearce (coming)
Dennis & Esther Beveridge (coming)
Mimi St John-Austen (coming)
Murray Winks & Ida (coming)
Paul Murray (coming)
Ivan Bunner (coming)
Rita Evans (coming)
Leigh Blake & group (coming)
Sue Wise (coming)

NOTE: Several trekkers have donated directly to Lhakpa to rebuild his mother's home in Thame since they know his mother personally; since they donated privately I will not list here unless requested. But am happy to, please advise!

MANY other people have indicated that they wanted to help, and MANY of our friends have donated to other organizations, or are helping to spread the word. I wish I could list everyone who is helping Nepal in so many different ways, the list is long and inspiring!

If you have donated and are not yet on the list, we are waiting for a check, a Western Union transfer (free for 4 more days!) or a bank transfer to arrive. I will update the list soon ...

Collected to Date - $19,818
($1000 set aside for a school)

Spent to Date -


Kamzang Journeys Newsletter
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Photo Galleries

Majhi Fishing Villages (Sindhapulchowk & Kavre)
Facebook Gallery

Durbar Square - Post Earthquake
Facebook Gallery

Kathmandu (General) - Post Earthquake
Facebook Gallery

Tarps for Kathmandu
Facebook Gallery

Kathmandu Guest House - Post Earthquake
Facebook Gallery

Google+ Photo Galleries

Majhi Fishing Village
(Sindhapulchowk & Kavre)

Durbar Square - Kathmandu

GHT: Kanchenjunga to Makalu Barun Trek
(Where we were during the quake)



Life Info on Kamzang Earthquake Aid

Come back to Nepal.
We need you!


Tsum Valley Nuns (Gompa Lungdang)

Nyima Dikki of Samdo

Make a Difference ...

If you would like to help sponsor a child, donate to a program or contribute in any other way, contact Kim:

Namaste, Tashi Delek, Jullay & Thank You!

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