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The Kamzang Fund | Looking for Sponsors!
Tsering Sangmo (Upper Dolpo, Nepal)  - Study English + Tibetan in Kathmandu
Chhunku Ukyab (Kanchenjunga, Nepal) - Study Fashion Design in Kathmandu
Tsering Kondo (Upper Mustang, Nepal) - Education in Upper Mustang, Dolpo, Nepal
Abinath Basnet (Solu, Nepal) - Education in Kathmandu (Junar's Son)
Susma Gurung (Lower Dolpo, Nepal) - Education at Tabriza School, Dolpo, Nepal
Lhamo Bhuti (Kanchenjunga, Nepal) - Education in Darjeeling, Tibetan Community
Dorji Gyaltsen (Upper Dolpo, Nepal) - Education in Kathmandu
The Samdo Kids (Nupri, Manaslu, Nepal) - Education in Kathmandu
Nimalee Sherpa (Khumbu, Nepal) - Education in Kathmandu
Phura Tashi Sherpa (Khumbu, Nepal) - Education in Kathmandu
Chowang Tenzing (Gunsa, Kanchenjunga, Nepal) - Education in Kathmandu

Looking for Medical Aid
Tsewang Gimzom (Upper Dolpo, Nepal) - Goiter


Please inquire about which children need sponsorship and what it will cost as there are many forms of sponsorship, and the costs vary from region to region. Help can take many forms, from full school sponsorship to helping with books and school uniforms, or helping with medical issues. You can even sponsor a Tibetan Buddhist monk, or their monastery.  We help find funding or supplies for schools, and act as an intermediary for you to find ways to help.

Email Kim (kim@kamzang.com) if you'd like to  help to change the life of a child in the Himalaya.
Consider getting your family to sponsor a child in the Himalaya instead of a Christmas present this year!

There are many children, many causes. Please help sponsor a child in the Himalaya.
And please, spread the word.


Namaste - Tashi Delek - Jullay

Kim (Nupri, Manaslu, Nepal, 2012)

Susma Gurung - Upper Dolpo, Nepal
Susma Gurung is from a small village in Dolpo, and had a severely cleft lip for the first 9 years of her life.
She's now back in Dolpo after a successful operation in Kathmandu. The funding for her operation was provided by some members of our
2011 + 2012 Upper Dolpo to Mustang treks as well as by a few other doners.
A big thanks to all, what a difference in Susma's life!

The Kamzang Fund + Kim have been supporting Susma's education at the wonderful Tabriza School in Lower Dolpo, and are actively looking for sponsors for the rest of her education. Please get in touch if you would like to help to sponsor Susma.

She  is now 11, growing up into such a beautiful young woman, and deserves a bright future ...

Susma Gurung Story + Photos
Facebook Album

Susma Gurung (Tabriza School in Lower Dolpo, 2013)

Chunkku Ukyab - Kanchenjunga, Nepal
Chunkku is a Tibetan girl from the very remote Tibetan village of Olangchung Gola in the Kanchenjunga region in the far east of Nepal. She started to lose her hearing in 2009-10 and now is almost completely deaf. She has been to see the top ear and hearing specialists in Kathmandu but there seems to be no chance of restoring her hearing as she has damaged her ear drum. Her father is the local Buddhist lama in the village so has very little income, and her mother weaves beautiful carpets to bring a little cash into the family. Besides this small income, they have nothing.
We promised to help Chunkku ...

In 2014 ago she made the long journey to Kathmandu with her mother and studied in Kathmandu in Class 11 + 12 at a collge school near Boudhanath. She is eager to keep learning, and wants to go to university after class 12 in two more years. We are looking for people to help with her further education. Kim,  The Kamzang Fund and several trekkers + friends (Kristin, Sole, Kevin, Els, Martin, Mr Bob ++) contributed funds to paid for these 2 years of education in Kathmandu ($1200 per year).

Chhunku is now looking for someone to help with her university payments to study fashion design in Kathmandu. She is extremely talented, very motivated to change her life, and was accepted into a local program, a 4 year course.

Please let me know if you'd like to help her continue her education in fashion design!
Sponsors for fashion program to date (Dec 2016)
Anne Henley
Mike Donovan
Yanchen Bhutia (+ Olangchun Gola Team)
Greg Woolstencroft
Kristin Stanley

Chhunku Ukyab Photos + Story
Facebook Album

Chunkku (at her parents' home in Olangchun Gola, Kanchenjunga)

Tsering Sangmo - Upper Dolpo, Nepal
We've known Tsering Sangmo for many years as she is the grand daughter of Saldang's respected amchi, or Tibetan doctor, who featured in the French movie 'Himalaya' many years ago. He is now quite elderly, the patriarch of a large family of lamas and amchis in Saldang.

Tsering Sangmo doesn't go to school because her family is poor, and need her to look after the goats and sheep, collect dung and help look after the family house. She is extremely bright, just an amazing girl, and we'd love to give her the chance to go to school. Her family would be happy to help her if they had financial aid, and Tsering Sangmo would love to attend school.

NOTE: After consultation with her grandfather in Saldang, Amchu Tundup, her mother and Tsering Sangmo, we've decided that bringing Tsering Sangmo to Kathmandu to learn English is the best option for Tsering as she is already 16+ years old, and without a formal education.
She is eager to learn another language which might help her get involved in tourism, or perhaps get a job in Kathmandu.

We've been supporting her so far with clothes for the winter ...

Please get in touch if you'd like to help!

Tsering Sangmo Story + Photos
Facebook Album

Tsering Sangmo (in Saldang, Upper Dolpo, 2015)

Tsering Kondo - Upper Mustang, Nepal
See Tsering Kondo's 'medical' story below; she has been hard of hearing from birth, and her condition was misunderstood by her parents and the villagers, assuming she wasn't bright.

The Kamzang Fund sent her to a public school at Chhomrong in Upper Mustang (with a donation from friend John T for a year) but her mother decided she would do better at their public school in Yara where she gets special attention from the teacher, who has been there for 17 years. Below is a photo from March 2015 - she's happy, looking beautiful and flourishing staying back home with her family.

We are looking for a full-time school sponsor for her to attend a better school in Pokhara or elsewhere soon. Her school in Yara is only a village school with 5 or so students and only goes up to class 5.

Tsering Kondo Story + Photos
Facebook Album

Tsering Kondo Mustangi (in Yara, Upper Mustang)

Dorje Gyalgen - Upper Dolpo, Nepal
Who's seen the movie 'Himalya', filmed in Dolpo, Nepal?

Chief Thinle's grandson Dorje Gyalgen (15, class 6) lives in Saldang and attends the local Saldang school. Though his grandfather was the once the star of a movie, the family still lives extremely simply in Dolpo without the money to send the grand kids to school in Kathmandu.

Kristin S, an old friend of Kim's, has contributed to the cause of sending Karma to school which has helped him over the last few years in Saldang, but his family has now run out of money and he has 'finished' his schooling after Class 6. This Autumn he was tending the yaks alone in a small kharka (seasonal settlement) far from Saldang, so sadly we didn't get to visit him.

We are looking for full-time school sponsorship for him in Kathmandu so he can at least finish his schooling through class 12.

Dorje Dorje Gyalgen (in Saldang, Upper Mustang)

Abinath Basnet - Solu Khumbu, Nepal
Junar's son Abinath has been helped in the past for his schooling in Kathmandu by Graham, a long time trekking friend. He also received a donation from the father son team of Ron and Charlie, other friends and trekkers. Charlie raised some money for the Kamzang Fund through a school project!

Abinath is doing well in school, living with Junar, his sister Ashika and his new mother in Kathmandu, and looking for a sponsor for his schooling. Please get in touch if you'd like to help this smart young boy!


Lhamo Bhuti, Jhampa Namdol & Tenzin Topden + Kanchenjunga, Nepal
Lhamo Bhuti is studing in class 10 in Darjeeling, a good student who comes from a family of Tibetan refugees who migrated to the Kanchenjunga region after 1959. Kim is sponsoring her studies at the TCV school in Darjeeling for the moment until we find a sponsor to help her with further studies.

She has two younger brothers, Jhampa Namdol & Tenzin Topden, who also need sponsors. Their parents have a small house in the Kanchenjunga region but life is difficult and money scarce for Tibetan refugees, and education is a luxury.

Lhamo Bhuti in Kathmandu, 2013. Need a new photo!

Nimalee Sherpa - Khumbu, Nepal
Nimalee Sherpa, Dawa Yangi's younger sister, was going to school in Namche Bazaar. but has recently left school to help her single mother with their small momo (dumpling) and tea shop.  She was sponsored by Graeme & Laura and was also helped, along with another Sherpa girl who is now sponsored for school in Kathmandu, by Jim W.

We're hoping she'll chose to go back to school, but whatever choices she makes we are standing behind her. Nimalee is now working at one of the Everest Summit Homes in the Everest (Khumbu) region, helping to support her mother and learning tourism and hospitality on her feet. We're proud of her choices, and hope that one day she will continue with her schooling!

Nimalee Sherpa (center, white, at Namche for the Saturday market with one of our trekkers approx 2012

Samdo Kids - Nupri, Manaslu
Our Samdo Kids (see Samdo Fund), the four Tibetan children of Nyima Diki & Tsewang Gyurme, are from the village of Samdo, Manaslu region, Nepal. Nyima Diki had post-partem depression for 4 years, and the couple spend all of their meager savings trying to discover what was wrong with her (see above). They live in a very poor Tibetan village a few hours from the border of Tibet. They really need sponsors for school in Kathmandu. The younger son is a monk in Sama Gaon village.

Clint R lived with the family for a year while doing resarch for a book on Samdo and helps them out regularly but his contributions aren't enough to send them to a good school. This family has very little, and really need help. Kim helps the oldest daughter with teh basics but we're still looking for sponsors for all three of the kids. Their father, our good friend Tsewang Gyurme, died tragically in early 2011 and now they need help more than ever ...

The Kamzang Fund helps to support Nyima Dikki and the oldest daughter, who is now at home helping her mother with the tea shop.

Nyima Diki with her son in Samdo, Manaslu

Tsewang Palmo + Phura Tashi Sherpa - Khumbu, Nepal
Two fabulously Sherpa cute kids Tsewang Palmo, 5, and her older brother, Phura Tashi, 8, were sponsored for school in Kathmandu by  Margherita from Italy. Their mother, Lhakpa Kanchi, tragically died in Nov 2013 from ongoing paralysis.

This year their generous and loving sponsor, Margherita, also very sadly died of cancer. We're actively looking for new sponsors for Tsewang Palmo and Phura Tashi. Tsewang Palmo is now 8 years old, and in class 3 in Kathmandu.

Please get in touch if you'd like to help with either child's education!
Thank you!

Tsewang Palmo & Phura Tashi Sherpa just before their mother passes away (With Doma Sherpa of Khumbu Adventures)

Lobsang Dolma
(Ladakh, Indian Himalaya)

Lobsang Dolma is the daughter of our good friend Ang Chuk, our driver in Ladakh, India. The Kamzang Fund was trying to help her to find a way to pay for an education overseas to study biology in 2015. She recently was able to get a partial scholarship to attend The University of Brighton in the UK, and we are now trying to help her with her yearly expenses.

UPDATE: Lobsang Dolma got a scholarship to study BSc Biology at University of Brighton in 2016! We are still hoping to provide her with a bit of funding to cover her personal expenses while studying.

Well done, Lobsang!


Namaste - Jullay - Tashi Delek - Thank You!


Sponsor a Monk

Young monks from Phuktal Gompa, Zanskar (Indian Himalayas) ... You can donate what you'd like, either yearly or on a one-time basis, and it goes towards their food, travel expenses & accomodation at the gompa.


Donate to a Himalayan School

The Himalayan Buddhist School in Manali, the Indian Himalayas
And support many Himalayan children at once ...
Pictured the head-mistress Palki, Singge (about his second year there) & Kim.

Make a Difference ...

If you would like to help sponsor a child, donate to a program or contribute in any other way, contact Kim.


Tashi Delek!


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