The Nomad Fund | Adopt a Goat!

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The Nomad Fund | Adopt a Goat!
(Nepal + India)

A project in the works that is very close to our hearts as we specialize in nomadic treks in Nepal, the Indian Himalaya + Tibet ...

2016 + 2017 Updates
The Kamzang Fund handed out donations to 10 families of nomads in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal in 2017, and to 8 nomadic familes in 2016, thanks to the support of our Adopt a Goat donors!

2015 Updates
Approximately 50% of the livestock (pasmina goats, sheep & yaks) owned by the Tibetan nomads of Upper Mustang died in a particularly harsh winter, when the snows covered all of the already sparse grazing land until mid-March and hundreds (thousands counting the livestock of Mustangi villagers) died of starvation. By adopting a goat you can help the nomads replenish their flocks of goats & sheep.
Pashmina Goat - $150
Yak - $800

2013 Updates
A similarly harsh winter in Ladakh & Zanskar, the Indian Himalayas, caused the death of over half of the nomadic population's livestock, again including pashmina goats, sheep & yaks. These nomads are already struggling to survive, and this loss caused several families to sell their animals and move to Leh (or another city). Some of our friends ended up working on Indian roads in Jammu & Kashmir, a dismal future!
Pashmina Goat - $150
Yak - $800

100% of donations will go directly to nomadic families (living in their traditionally woven yak-hair tents) in either Nepal or Ladakh. Please specify where you would like your donation to go.

The goals of the Nomad Fund are to help sustain the quickly fading nomadic lifestyle by helping with education and the continuation of their traditional crafts & help in particularly difficult times ...

Adopt a Goat Donations

Lorraine Horn
Mike Donovan
Paul Dunphey
Annie Kaczmarski
Howard Lichter & Bec Friberg
Mr Bob (Culbert)
Sue Wise

Michelle Bostick
Kathy McIntyre
Paul Dunphey
Howard Lichter & Bec Friberg
Helah Tavalol
Kevin McCoy
Mary Gedes
Bob Culbert
Elana James

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Make a Difference ...

If you would like to help sponsor a child, donate to a program or contribute in any other way, contact Kim:

Namaste, Tashi Delek, Jullay + Thank You!


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