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Zangla River Camp | Zanskar, Indian Himalaya - Cleaning up the Indian Himalaya
Kamzang Journeys spent a full day cleaning the spring fed river below Zangla, dredging up huge piles of garbage left by camping groups and road workers from India.

Leaving No Trace + Sustainable Travel

Kamzang Journeys believes in leaving no trace while trekking through remote and fragile regions of the Himalaya.
So what do we do?

Commute on Bicycle
Shop Locally
Carry Reusable Bags
Carry a Water Filter - Never Plastic Bottles - Drinking Water
Carry Out Tin Cans
Burn all Burnable Trash
Decant Glass into Plastic Containers
Keep our Campsites Clean
Clean Up Other Campsites
Book Hotels with 'Green' Practices
Set up Medical Camps

The Kamzang Fund
Support Children's Educations
Sponsor Medical Aid
Provide Support to Nomads + Villagers in Need
Rebuild + Repair Water Supplies
Distribute Books + School Supplies
Distribute Solar Set-Ups
Sponsor Sanitary Projects

We also believe it's critical to listen to locals, and learn from each other ...

Nomadic Regions | Upper Mustang, Nepal
Bringing solar to the Tibetan nomads of Upper Mustang, Nepal thanks to a group of students in California!


Phillim | Manaslu Region, Nepal
Lhakpa and a medical doctor treating a woman with an infected wound in the far upper reaches of the extremely poor Hindu village of Phillim, along the Manaslu trekking route.


Dhe | Upper Mustang, Nepal
One of our trekkers, a medical nurse, teaching a local Mustangi woman how to bandage a sprained hand.


Nomadic Region | Upper Mustang, Nepal
The Kamzang Fund created an 'Adopt a Goat' campaign to help these Tibetan nomads replenish their flocks of sheep + goats, 50% of which were lost in that winter's extremely severe winter.


Dibling | Ladakh, Indian Himalaya
We bring plenty of saline eye drops to distribute to villagers who live in extremely dry, dusty and windy environments.


Jagat | Manaslu, Nepal
Lhakpa bandages the foot of a local man who fell and severely cut himself.


Why Trek + Cycle with Kamzang Journeys?

Sustainable + Ecological Travel
Boutique Style Trekking
Western AND Sherpa Guides
Stay in Touch! Satellite Phone AND InReach Satellite Messaging System
Great Safety Record + Easy Helicopter Evacuation
Personalized Care + Attention
Photography Focus

Our Kamzang Dining Tent - Home Away from Home!
Delicious + Diverse Food
Catering to All Food Allergies
Comfortable + Relaxed Atmosphere
Library of Regional Books

A Passion for Each Region
Years of Trekking Experience in all of the Regions
Close Relationships with Locals in our Trekking Regions
In Depth Experiences in Villages
Nomadic Expertise
Local Staff (+ our Kamzang Team) in Remote Regions
Ropes + Safety Equipment

Ecologically Run Treks + Cycling Trips
Sanitary Kitchen + Training for Staff
Extensive Medical Knowledge + Full Medical Kit
Knowledgeable + Responsible Staff
Extensive Rescue Experience
Back-up Company in Kathmandu
Attention to Detail

We LOVE the Himalaya!
And we love our jobs!

Ghara | Upper Mustang, Nepal
Trekkers distributing blow up globes to schools in Upper Mustang.


Dhoban | Manaslu, Nepal
Distributing children's books to villages in the poorer, lower Manaslu regions.


Larkye La High Camp | Manaslu, Nepal
Our staff + porters cleaned up the entire high camp before the Larkye La pass. We built a stone enclosure far below the campsite, crushed and deposited the bag loads of collected cans, burned all burnable trash. Lhakpa then let a 'puja' fire of juniper branches to purify the region, and we put up Buddhist prayer flags and a Buddhist banner. A great lesson for our 30+ porters, who felt a sense of accomplishment after the clean up!

15+ Years of Safe Trekking + Guiding Experience in the Himalaya

There are so many more reasons!
Join us and find out why our repeat clients rate is well over 75%

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