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The land of happiness is one of Central Asia's most exotic and breathtakingly beautiful destinations. A land of flying tigers, Buddhist lamas dances, ancient dzongs, traditional villages, smiling Bhutanese, a national dish make of only chili and cheese, and some of the most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes in the Himalaya. Be one of the few tourists to venture through Bhutan this year on either a tour, a trek or a bike trip ...

Join one of our Bhutan trips, or we can customize your own Bhutan journey.


Live it Up in the Clouds - The Ultimate Luxury Trip - Luxury Bhutan

Experience Bhutan in the ultimate of luxury, spending nine days visiting most of magical Bhutan's highlights, including its Buddhist monasteries and spectacular fortresses, staying in Bhutan's wonderful 5-star hotels.
Luxury Bhutan!

Custom Excursions (9 days) - 5-star hotels - Bhutanese guide


Experience Bhutan: Jhomolhari Trek & Bumthang - Luxury Bhutan

This unique journey through Bhutan was put together especially for Kamzang Journeys as a 'best-of' Bhutan journey, a diverse trip which combines luxury hotels, trekking, cultural touring, day-hikes and even a bit of rafting! We cover much of Bhutan, from Paro, Thimpu & Punakha in eastern Bhutan to Phobjikha in central Bhutan, its cultural hub and a sublimely beautiful region.

4 - 21 Oct (18 days) - expedition trekking & luxury hotels - Bhutanese guide - $tba


GHT: The Great Bhutan Bike Journey - Bhutan

An epic bike trip across Bhutan, the land of happiness. Join us for a wonderful west-east journey through this exotic Tibetan Buddhist Kingdom, exiting via the Indian border in the southeast of Bhutan.

Custom Excursions (15 days) - mountain biking & 3-4 star hotels - Bhutanese guide
Paro (Bhutan) to Guwahati (India)


The Full Lunana Snowman Trek (Laya Lingshi Bumthang) - Bhutan

By all accounts one of THE best treks in all of the Himalaya, the full version of this challenging but spectacular journey through much of the Bhutan Himalaya, visiting such remote villages as Laya & Lingshi and finishing in Bhumtang, the east of Bhutan. A bonus day of rafting in Punakha, too!

Custom Excursions (33 days) - expedition trekking- Bhutanese guide


Bhutan Biking: Western Bhutan & the Pobjikha Valley - Bhutan

A wonderful journey by bike through the heartland of magical Bhutan, starting in idyllic Paro and the remote, mountainous Haa valley and heading west to the beautiful Pobjikha Valley, home of the black-necked cranes.

Custom Excursions (11 days) - biking and 3 & 4-star hotels- Bhutanese guide


Ultimate Bhutan: Jhomolhari Lingshi Trek to Phobjhikha - Luxury Bhutan

Sacred Jhomolhari on the western border with Tibet is a wonderful trek, a mix of alpine rain-forest and high Tibetan plateaus, where you'll trek through traditional Bhutanese villages and camp with the nomads You will have plenty of time for exploring Paro, Thimpu and the wonderful monasteries of Bhutan, and will stay at Bhutan's luxury hotels en route.

Custom Excursions (12 days) - trekking & 3 & 4-star hotels - Bhutanese guide


A Week in Bhutan - Bhutan

The ultimate short Central Asian getaway in the last Tibetan Buddhist Kingdom. Explore serene Paro, bustling, historic Thimpu, Punakha and the wonderful Tibetan Buddhist gompas of eastern and central Bhutan.

Custom Excursions (7 days) - 3 & 4-star hotels- Bhutanese guide


Buddhist Bhutan: Lama Dances - Luxury Bhutan

Explore Bhutan during festival time, focusing on the many Tibetan Buddhist gompas, and watching some of the most colorful and animated 'lama dances' in the Buddhist world ...

Custom Excursions (8 days) - 3 & 4-star hotels - Bhutanese guide

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