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The Kamzang Fund
We look for villagers who have 'fallen through the cracks' in the remote regions of Nepal + India.
We brought Susma Gurung (age 7, Dolpo, Nepal) to Kathmandu for cleft lip surgery and Tsering Kondo (age 7, Upper Mustang, Nepal) to Kathmandu for an undiagnosed hearing issue. Many villagers in these remote regions desperately need attention, either medical or life-style oriented, and we do what we can to help.

The Kamzang Fund has also initiated sanitation and solar projects that will hopefully improve the lives of remote villagers. We have sent bedding up to nuns in one of the Himalayan regions most remote Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, and aided in many medical cased, from goiters to cataracts.
 Kamzang Earthquake Aid raised over $40,000 after the tragic 2015 Nepal earthquakes, 100% of which went to Nepal.

100% of all of your donations go directly to funds, medical cases or education.
We donate our time, logistics + efforts, you donate the funding, a team effort!
Namaste + Thank You!

Kamzang Earthquake Aid

Kamzang Earthquake Aid
(Nepal 2015 Earthquake)

After Nepal's devastating 2015 earthquakes, the Kamzang Fund is raising money to aid Tamang villages in Rasuwa (and possibly elsewhere), remote villages in Solu and a few select villages in Khumbu which have been badly affected by the quakes.

We can achieve so much with your contributions.
As always, 100% of your donations go where we feel they are most needed ...

The Nomad Fund - Adopt a Goat!
(Nepal + India)

The Nomad Fund | Adopt a Goat!

A project in the works that is very close to our hearts. 100% of donations will go directly to nomadic families (living in their traditionally woven yak-hair tents) in either Nepal or Ladakh. Please specify where you would like your donation to go! The Nomad Fund's goal is to help sustain the quickly fading nomadic lifestyle by helping with education and the continuation of their traditional crafts & help in particularly difficult times ...

The Nomad Fund Photos
Facebook Album

The Tsum Valley Gompa Lungdang Nuns Project
(Tsum, Manaslu, Nepal)

The Nuns of Gompa Lungdang are as welcoming as they come, amazingly so as their monastery is located in one of the most remote parts of the Tsum Valley, bordering on the Ganesh Himal region. We have provided them with blankets & sheets, and our aim is to raise funds to help them build a dining room. They eat outside or in the entrance of the monastery at the moment.

We would also like to provide these amazing nuns with solar power, and at one point to help them rebuild their dining space!

The Samdo Fund
(Nubri, Manaslu, Nepal)

Our Samdo fund is a cause that is close to our hearts, an attempt to help a family in Samdo,in the Tibetan region of Nupri in the Manaslu region. Nyima Diki recently lost her husband after finally recovering from four years of postpartum depression and is now trying to support her four children by herself. She has set up the most basic of 'momo-tea-chang' shops in her small, wooden hut in the village but is barely scraping by.

We were introduced to Nyima Diki, her husband Tswang Gyurme and their four kids by our friend Clint Rogers, who stayed with the family for a year while writing his great book on Samdo, 'Where Rivers Meet: A Tibetan Refugee Community's Struggle to Survive in the High Mountains of Nepal '. (SeeMandala Press for details) and the relationship with the family has continued from there ....
Our goal is to find sponsors for her children and raise money to help Nyima Diki build a real tea-house so that she can support herself! Currently she is making a little bit of money from her tea-house, collecting yersa gumba in the summertime and portering loads to nearby peaks for foreign trekking companies to make ends meet ...

The Chhunku Ukyab Fund
(Kanchenjunga, Nepal)

Chunku comes from the very remote Tibetan village of Olangchung Gola in the Kanchenjunga region, a far eastern region of Nepal, bordering Assam in India ... We met her in March 2013 while on our exploratory trek in Kanchenjunga, and fell in love with her spirit and positive energy.

Chunku started to lose her hearing about four years ago and now is almost completely deaf. She has been to see the top ear and hearing specialists in Kathmandu but there seems to be no chance of restoring her hearing. A Olangchung Gola villager now living in Kathmandu paid her medical expenses to date and a $100 hearing aid which she doesn't wear because she says it sounds like a 'helicopter'! She can speak English well but can't hear it spoken, so we're now communicating with her though texting and writing.
She was studying in Taplejung, a small city in eastern Nepal, until class 10 when she found she couldn't continue with her loss of hearing. When we met her in Olangchung Gola at her parent's traditional house she told us she wanted to continue her education and start on a career path. She has incredible determination, and isn't willing to let her hearing issues stop her from having a productive and fulfilling life. Her father is the local Buddhist lama in the village so has no income whatsoever, and her mother weaves beautiful carpets to bring a little cash into the family. Besides this small income, they have nothing.
We promised to help Chunku ...

A month ago she made the long journey to Kathmandu with her mother and is now studying in Kathmandu in class 11 at a school near Boudhanath. She is eager to keep learning, and wants to go to university after class 12 in two more years. We are looking for people to help with her further education. The Kamzang Fund/Kim has paid for her first year's education, $1200.
We also want to raise money for a new hearing aid for her, and more medical examinations ...

The Susma Gurung Cleft Lip Fund
(Dolpo, Nepal)

Susma Gurung lives in the small village of Rechi in Dolpo and goes to the Tapriza Cultural school at Amchi Gompa, an hour north of her home. At 9 years old, she is the youngest of a family of seven and has a severely deformed cleft lip. Our Upper Dolpo to Mustang trek in 2011 ran into Susma while trekking towards Phoksumdo Lake and I offered to pay for her to get to Kathmandu and have an operation. We never heard from her parents, but fortunately ran into Susma at school this year after inquiring about her at her village below. We sent her beautiful older sister down an hour's hike to bring her father back up to our camp at Amchi Gompa. Her father arrived at camp just before dark and promised to bring Susma to Kathmandu this year. We gave him money to get to Kathmandu and hoped that they would come ...
Several of our 2012 Dolpo trek wanted to help with Susma's operation and expenssed, so I've created this page to follow the progress of Susma's operation ...

Susma and her father flew from Juphal to Nepalgunj and then took the local bus to Kathmandu the third week of November, while Lhakpa & I were still on the Everest trek. Today Lhakpa & I took Susma to an internationally funded hospital called Kathmandu Model Hospital (although I'm not sure what it's a model for), affiliated with SmileTrain, which specializes in cleft palates and plastic surgery around the world.

We had several appointments with the cleft palatte/lip/plastic surgery department and spent all day getting blood tests, seeing a pediatric doctor and an anesthastist. Between appointments we took Susma shopping and she's now decked out in a cute pair of jeans, a pink turtleneck sweater and hoodie, cute as! I gave them money for meals and transport and Lhakpa & I will meet them again the day after tomorrow for her morning operation. We're so excited to see the outcome!
Their expenses at the hospital will be minimal but Susma will most probably need extensive dental reconstruction afterwards. Our aim is to raise enough money to pay for their flights and transport to and from Kathmandu, any medical expenses incurred and their expenses while in Kathmandu. Susma might well need speech therapy afterwards as well. And we'd like to send her back home with some money for school and new clothes.

Update 2013
We met Susma at her school in lower Dolpo this May and took a few photos of her with her schoolmates. She seems so much happier, and considerably more sure of herself. And best of all, she looks BEAUTIFUL! Below are a few of the photos from May 2013, Amchi Gompa, Dolpo. (And below the before and after photos of her operation in Kathmandu)

The Tshering Kondo Hearing Aid Fund
(Mustang, Nepal)

Tsering Kondo comes from Yara, on the eastern 'winter' route of Mustang, near the fabled Luri Gompa. We met this lively girl of 7 two years ago at our campsite. Amongst all the kids that came for pencils and presents, she was the most animated. We soon learned that she didn't speak correctly. She did make all sorts of communicative sounds and made herself easily understood. We all fell in love with her bubbly personality her and wanted to do something to help her.
Shiven Malhotra, on the 'Last Nomads of Mustang' 2011 trek donated 20,000 NRP on the spot for Tsering and one of her parents to travel to Kathmandu and visit a speech therapist. Tsering didn't show up in Kathmandu last winter, so when Lhakpa & I ran into her on this past year's Mustang trek we talked further with her mother. Her mother said that Tsering didn't have a serious problem anymore so coming to Kathmandu wasn't necessary. For sure Tsering seemed to be speaking a few words. 
We weren't sure what the problem was so left it at that ...
Lhakpa got a call a month ago from Tsering's mother saying that she wanted to bring Tsering to Kathmandu after all. So two weeks ago, Tsering and her father arrived and are now staying near Boudha with a friend from Mustang.
Doma & I took Tsering to an internationally funded plastic surgery/cleft lip & palatte clinic at Kathmandu Model Hospital which is affiliated with SmileTrain. We've taken a few other kids there so know that they also provide speech therapy sessions. We met with a wonderful speech therapist named Ruchi who had suspicions that Tsering might have a hearing problem.
The next steps were to send her for tests at various hospitals around Kathmandu. Doma has been fielding the hospitals further away and we've both been to the Model Hopsital with Tsering and her father. Tsering next needed relatively expensive medical tests to check her hearing and a hearing aid, and was refered to a new speach therapist as Ruchi was off at a medical clinic in Pokhara. Her therapy isn't supported by Smile Train as she's not a cleft lip/palatte case so we are paying her therapy expenses and transportation to/from the clinic on New Road.
Update Jan 2013:
Tsering has now been in Kathmandu for almost a month, and her therapist says her speach therapy is making a big difference. At the moment she's only got a $100 wire hearing aid, very basic. We'd like to provide her with a better aid soon, which could cost anywhere from $1000 on.
Our goal is to raise enough money to pay for their transport from Mustang to and from Kathmandu, medical expenses incurred, her present hearing aid, transport and their expenses while in Kathmandu. We'd like to send her back home with some money for school and new clothes.
Our future goal is to to raise money for continued therapy, a new hearing aid ($1000+) and to find her a sponsor so we can send her to school in Kathmandu where she can continue with her speech therapy. 
100% goes to Tsering Kondo.
Update Jan 2014:
We caught up with Tsering Kondo, her little sister, mother & father in their village of Yara during our Nar Phu to Upper Mustang trek in October, and she's doing much better. She still isn't using her hearing aid very much, but she is 'learning' and speaking better than she was, is happy and more confident.
We are trying to get her to Pokhara this winter to meet with NAHOH, a local hearing project helped by Whitsunday Hearing out of Australia. Thanks to them for their support so far. More updates coming!


The Tsewang Gyinzom Dolpo Goiter Fund
(Upper Dolpo, Nepal)

There are so many villagers in remote regions of Nepal who still suffer from goiters. We met this lovely woman, Tsewang Gyinzom, in Karang village, a 2 hour walk from Saldang (home of the late Caravan Thinle). She developed this severe goiter when she was around 50, and is now in her mid-50s. We would like to bring her to Kathmandu to investigate.

UPDATE: Tsewang Gyinzom is in Kathmandu (Dec 2016) and with the help of Michelle Bostick + Pemma Wangchen we are waiting for a date for goiter surgery!

The Dil Maya Gurung Cataract Fund
(Manaslu, Nepal)

Dil Maya lives in one of the Lower Manaslu region's most remote village, and at age 50, found that she couldn't see well enough to tend to the crops and livestock. The Kamzang Fund brought her to Kathmandu for an eye operation at Tilganga Hospital.

The Mustang Lo Manthang Solar Project
(Lo Manthang, Upper Mustang, Nepal)

The Kamzang Fund, supported by Rita Evans, donated an entire solar set-up to the Lo Monthang Community Center so that this remote village could use its donated computers. The installed internet several years ago, connecting the village to the rest of the world. The solar was brought up to Lo Manthang via the Kali Gandaki River by truck, a feat in itself! The work to transport and set up the solar system was all donated by local inhabitants of Upper Mustang.

The Tsum Valley Sanitation Project
(Tsum Valley, Manaslu, Nepal)

One of our many-time trekkers, Kati, helped Sonam of Tsum Valley Homestays to implement this very important sanitation project at the request of a local inhabitant of the remote Tsum Valley. Now almost all of the houses have their own outdoor toilets, all of the work done locally.

Make a Difference ...

If you would like to help sponsor a child, donate to a program or contribute in any other way, contact Kim:
Namaste - Tashi Delek - Jullay!


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