Mongolia Journeys | Treks, Cultural Trips & Camel Safaris

The Altai Mountains, Ghengis Khan, the endless Gobi desert, far-flung Buddhist monasteries, nomads & round, felt gers (yurts), Bactrian camels, vast grasslands and rolling, green hills, crystal-clear lakes, snow peaks, shifting sand dunes, colorful towns, ethnic diversity, fishing & trekking. Mongolia is an adventurer's paradise, and we've only scratched the surface ...

Come trek and travel with us in Mongolia on one of our set-departure treks!

We're happy to customize your own Mongolian journey, jeep safari, camel ride, Gobi dessert trip or Altai trek.


Mongolia Journeys | Treks, Trips & Camel Safaris


Journey Across Mongolia | Kharkhiraa Trek, Sand Dunes, Lakes + Nomadic Life

Mongolia, a remote region steeped in legend, a fabled land of golden steppes, the infamous Ghengis Khan, nomads on horseback, gers and a Buddhist tradition. Join us for a trek in the Kharkhiraa mountains, eagle hunters, visits with Kazakh nomads, deserts and sand dunes, Bactrian camels, sublimely beautiful lakes, rivers, snow peaks, the Tsambagaray National Park + more!

9 June - 4 July (26 days) - expedition trekking + jeep safari - Kim, Lhakpa + Mongolian guide

The Gobi Desert | Khamriid Khiid Monastery & Camel Riding - Mongolia Trip

A wonderful trip to the unique Gobi Desert, the largest in Asia and the fifth largest on the planet. Stay with local semi-nomadic families, ride camels, explore the Khamriid Khiid Monastery (one of the world's most important power-points), look for dinosaur bones and try some fermented mare's milk!

June 2017 (7 days + 1 day) - jeep + camel safari - Mongolian Guide


Western Mongolia & the Altai Mountains Trek - Mongolia

Mongolia, a remote region steeped in legend, a fabled land of golden steppes, the infamous Gengis Khan, nomads on horseback, yurts and a Tibetan Buddhist tradition. We do some trekking and exploration in the far western Altai Mountains, the world of the Kazakh nomads, as well as the sublime Khovsgol Lake. A seasoned traveler related that his soul left his body to enter the rich earth of Mongolia ...

June (29 days) - expedition trekking & jeep safari - Kim & Mongolian guide

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