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The mysterious and exotic land of Tibetan Buddhist lamas, gilded monasteries, rugged nomads, high plateaus, sacred mountains and lakes, yaks, snow-peaks and the resolutely independent Tibetans themselves is a mythical country which is now occupied by China but which still claims its own distinct culture and way of life. A trip to Tibet is a step back in time, an unforgettable journey which you can take either by jeep, bike or on foot via one of our treks ...

Join one of our Tibet trips, or we can customize your own Tibet journey.


Lhasa to Kathmandu (Everest Base Camp) Jeep Safari - Tibet & Nepal

Visiting the sacred monasteries of central Tibet, including Samye, Shigatse, Gyantse & Ganden, we embark on a spectacular jeep safari across the Himalayas back to Kathmandu. Of course we stop to visit the Tibetan Everest Base Camp en route ...

Custom Excursions (15 days) - 3-star hotels & guest houses - Tibetan guide


The Great Lhasa Kathmandu Bike Journey - Tibet & Nepal

Join us for this epic journey from Lhasa to Kathmandu, an exciting and challenging bicycle trip starting in once forbidden Lhasa. En route to Nepal we pass through traditdional villages, cross high Himalayan passes and end up in exotic Kathmandu. You can do this bike trip privately as well ...

Custom Excursions (26 days) - mountain biking & 3-star accommodation - Nepali & Tibetan guides


Amdo & Kham Jeep Safari - Tibet

There are many adventurous options to explore 'the roof of the world' by Landcruiser jeep ...
See our section on overland jeep safaris for options, and create your own custom safari!

Private Excursions (customize # of days) - hotels & jeep safari - Tibetan guide


Ganden to Samye Trek: The Cradle of Tibetan Civilization - Tibet

One of the great short treks in Tibet, starting from the resplendent Ganden monastery and ending in mystical Samye, one of the earliest gompas in Tibet. Explore Lhasa for several days before the trek, and spend a day in the Yarlung valley.

Private Excursions (8 days) - hotels & expedition trekking - Tibetan guide


A Week in Tibet - Tibet

Spend a week visiting the sacred monasteries of central Tibet, including Samye, Shigatse, Gyantse & Ganden. We have several days in Lhasa to explore the exotic Tibetan section, walk the barkor kora with the pilgrims, sit in on pujas at the monasteries and soak up the atmosphere.

Private Excursions (7 days OR customize # of days) - hotels & jeep safari - Tibetan guide
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