Himalayan Bicycle Trips | Nepal, India, Tibet + Bhutan

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 Looking for an epic bicycle journey in the the Himalaya?
Our epic cycle trips are led by Kim, Lhakpa + the awesome Kamzang Journeys team, run in our boutique Kamzang style, with tons of extras. Listed trips are confirmed, we'd love to have you join us!



The Great Lhasa Kathmandu Bicycle Journey - Nepal + Tibet Cycling

An epic bicycle trip from Lhasa to Kathmandu, starting in Lhasa, Tibet. En route to Nepal we visit Shigatse & Gyantse, bike through traditional villages, visit ancient Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, cross high Himalayan passes, cruise down one of the Himalaya's most exciting downhills, spend a relaxing night at the Last Resort and finish in exotic Kathmandu.

10 June - 4 July 2018  (25 days) - mountain biking + 3-4-star hotels - Kim + Lhakpa

The Great Ladakh, Zanskar & Kashmir Bicycle Journey - Indian Himalaya Cycling

One of the Indian Himayala's best bicycle trips, we go on and off-road to some of Ladakh & Zanskar's most beautiful regions, including Dha Hanu, Sham, Zanskar, alpine Kashmir & the water world of Srinagar for a houseboat stay and off-beat shikara trip on Dal Lake.  Join us for one of the Himalaya's great bike trips! + Shorter cycle route available +

16 June - 8 July 2018 (23 days) - cycling + camping - Leh to Srinagar - Kim + Lhakpa

Sky Kingdoms Bicycle Trip | Nubra & Ladakh Nomadic Lake Regions - Indian Himalaya Cycling

An epic bicycle trip through the sky kingdoms of the Indian Himalaya. Starting in Leh, we cycle over 5000+ meter passes into Nubra, with sand dunes, Bactian camels and the Shyok River. More 5000+ meter passes into the sublimely beautiful salt lake nomadic regions of Ladakh, through traditional villages, drinking salt butter tea with the nomads!

16 June - 7 July 2018 (23 days) - Leh to Leh - expedition cycling + jeep support - Kim + Lhakpa

The Great Bhutan Bicycle Journey | Bhutan - India Cycling

An epic bicycle journey across Bhutan, featuring Bhutanese dzongs, spectacular Himalayan peaks + passes, traditional villages, archery, Buddhist festivals + ema datsi. Join our west to east cycling trip across this beautiful Buddhist Kingdom, through Bumthang to Tashigang, ending with one of the world's most exciting downhill rides to Assam, India!

24 Feb - 11 Mar 2019 (16 days) - 3-star hotels - Kim + Lhakpa - Inquire for Custom Departures

Upper Mustang Himalayan Bicycle Journey | Nepal Cycling

Working on this epic bicycle trip through Upper Mustang, one of our favorite Tibetan border regions of Nepal now! Stay tuned, some great cycling coming ....

TBA (18 days) - 3-star hotels - Kim + Lhakpa - Inquire for Custom Departures

Arun Valley Everedt region Nepal trekPokhara to Kathmandu Bicycle Trail | Nepal Cycling

The ultimate two-week Nepal biking adventure through the traditional villages of the incredibly scenic middle hills and valleys of Nepal, from balmy Pokhara to the exotic, bustling and timeless Kathmandu valley!

TBA (14 days) - 3-star hotels - Kim + Lhakpa - Inquire for Custom Departures


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